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Breast implants should make you feel beautiful and confident. It’s likely the reason you had breast augmentation surgery in the first place — you wanted to look your best, feel your best and have an external appearance that better matched your internal sense of self. Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in South Carolina, and many women are tremendously pleased with their results. Still, even the most well-planned procedure may not be the end of the journey.

For various reasons, some patients do not achieve their breast enhancement goals the first time. Others who initially enjoyed a positive outcome may later develop undesirable changes or find that they no longer love the implants they have. Breast implant revision surgery is performed to address changing preferences or unsatisfactory results from a prior breast surgery.

Whatever your reason for considering breast implant revision in Charleston, know that your implants do not need to last forever. The expert surgeons here at Crantford | Costa Plastic Surgery have helped many women restore the beautiful, natural breast appearance they deserve. Contact us today to request a consultation.

Is it Normal to Need Breast Implant Revision?

The notion that breast implants must be replaced every 10 years is a myth. If you are happy with them aesthetically and are not experiencing any complications, your implants may remain in place with routine monitoring to ensure there are no invisible issues. Your breast implants can last many years, even well beyond a decade.

However, breast implants are not lifetime medical devices. Your implants may need to be replaced or removed in a secondary procedure. This is true of any breast augmentation for any patient, regardless of age, anatomy, lifestyle or implant type. Anyone considering breast augmentation should be informed and accept that additional surgery may be required in their lifetime.

Why Consider Breast Implant Revision?

Each patient has unique and personal reasons for seeking breast implant revision. Some common aesthetic reasons women request this procedure include:
- Unsatisfactory shape or projection
- Desire for a larger or smaller size
- Desire to change to a different style of implant
- AsymmetrySagging (ptosis)
- Breast tissue changes after pregnancy, breastfeeding or weight fluctuations
- Age-related breast tissue changes
- Improving the natural look and feel
- Changing lifestyle or aesthetic preferences

Implant revision surgery can also be undertaken for medical reasons, including:
- Capsular contracture
- Ruptured implant
- RipplingImplant malposition or displacement
- Bottoming out
- Double bubble
- Extrusion
- Symmastia
- Snoopy deformity
- Muscle flexion distortion
- Poor scar healing

Who Is a Good Candidate for Mastopexy?

Can Breast Implant Revision Be Combined with Another Procedure?

Just like natural breasts, breasts enhanced with implants may lose their perky shape and taut skin over time. A revision surgery that incorporates a breast lift (mastopexy) can reverse these changes. A breast lift allows for removing excess skin, reshaping the breast mound and repositioning the areola. Replacing the old implants with new implants during the same procedure can give your breasts a much more shapely, lifted and youthful appearance.

What is Involved in a Breast Implant Revision Procedure?

Breast implant revision is a highly personalized surgery. Some women only need minor adjustments to improve their results, while others require more comprehensive changes. The techniques your surgeon uses will depend on how your initial breast surgery was performed and the aesthetic or medical issues that led you to pursue a revision procedure. Options may include:
- Implant exchange
- Capsulectomy
- Capsulotomy
- Implant placement change
- Internal pocket adjustment
- Correction of asymmetry
- Correction of a specific deformity
- Breast lift

For your comfort and safety, breast implant revision surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The procedure will be done precisely and meticulously to restore anatomy as best as possible, create aesthetic improvements and minimize scarring.

Who is a Good Candidate for Charleston Breast Implant Revision?

Women who wish to improve upon results from a previous breast augmentation may be good candidates for breast implant revision. If you have recently undergone breast surgery, we recommend waiting at least six months before having revision surgery. It can take six months to a year for swelling, changes in shape and implant settling to resolve and for scars to mature. The outcome of your procedure cannot be assessed fully until that point. However, you may visit us for a consultation at any time to learn about your options and plan for the future.

Can Breast Implants Be Removed?

If you decide you no longer want implants at all, they can be removed and not replaced. Breast implant removal or explantation is a relatively straightforward procedure that’s similar to the original augmentation. If possible, the implant will be removed through the original incisions to avoid additional scarring. The capsule surrounding the implant may be left behind, removed after the implant or removed together with the implant, depending on your concerns and goals.

What Happens During a Consultation?

Secondary breast surgery is often more challenging than primary breast surgery because surgeons must work with scar tissue and anatomical changes from the old implants. Due to its delicate nature, breast implant revision requires a thoughtful, technically exacting approach and must be tailored to the individual patient’s needs. Open communication of expectations during the consultation and preoperative planning stages is essential. Use this period wisely to ask questions, learn about the procedure and work closely with your surgeon to create the best possible surgical plan, customized for your personal needs and desires.

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What is the Recovery Timeline for Breast Implant Revision?

Recovery from breast implant revision surgery will most likely be similar to what you experienced following your primary breast augmentation. You can expect some amount of discomfort, swelling and bruising in the initial stages of healing. You will be advised to wear a special front-closing surgical bra to reduce swelling and support your breasts.

Most patients comfortably begin resuming light activities within a few days. The anticipated time off work is approximately one week, depending on the nature of your work. Refrain from strenuous exercise and heavy lifting for four to six weeks post-operatively. Your surgeon will give you specific instructions on when you can safely return to your usual activities.

What Results Can Breast Implant Revision Achieve?

As with the primary breast augmentation, what you see right after breast implant revision will not be your final results. Your implants may look too high and feel too firm until the surrounding tissues relax and the implants settle into their final position. Postoperative swelling may also contribute to your breasts appearing overfull initially. Your incision lines will be pink and slightly raised, but they will fade and flatten with time. 

In most cases, patients can enjoy the full benefits of their new figure within three to six months. Scars can continue maturing for up to 12 months. Once your final results have emerged, they can last for many years. 

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