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Sometimes, even just a small change in our faces can have a big impact on our self-confidence. Aging definitely has a role in these adverse changes, especially as it starts to cause our faces to look sunken in and wrinkled. But dermal fillers, a nonsurgical, minimally invasive treatment, can help reverse some of the damage that has been done. 

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Fillers are safe, minimally invasive injectable treatments that can be used to replace volume loss throughout the face. There are many different varieties that can be used to treat a variety of areas and conditions. Because they are nonsurgical and offer substantial results, they have become one of the most popular categories of treatments, with more than 1,300,000 dermal fillers procedures performed in 2020, according to a report from The Aesthetic Society. 

Why Do We Need Dermal Fillers?

As we age, our bodies begin making a few changes. One of the most compromising is the decrease in collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, which has an immediate and drastic effect on our appearances. Areas that were once full and youthful can become sunken and aged. It is estimated that after the age of 20, the average person loses 1% of their collagen production every year. Dermal fillers aim to replace some of that loss.

Which Dermal Fillers Are Available?

We carry two different brands of products at our Charleston, South Carolina office, offering a wide range of available treatments to our patients.


Restylane Defyne — Can correct the appearance of laugh lines.

Restylane Lyft — Can add volume to the cheeks and hands.

Restylane Kysse — Can add volume to the upper lips and smooth perioral lines.

Restylane Fynesse — Can treat a range of facial wrinkling.

Restylane Refyne
— Can treat moderate to severe laugh lines and nasolabial folds.

Restylane Volyme — Can restore volume to the cheeks, chin, eyebrows and temples.


JUVÉDERM ULTRA — Can correct fines lines and wrinkles throughout the face and increase lip size.

JUVÉDERM ULTRA PLUS — Can correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

— Can correct lip lines and thinning lips.

JUVÉDERM ULTRA XC — Can correct perioral lines and boost lip size.

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC — Can correct perioral lines and boost lip size.

JUVÉDERM VOLLURE XC — Can correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds.

JUVÉDERM VOLUMA XC — Can correct volume loss in the cheek and improve the chin profile.

What Can Dermal Fillers Treat?

Dermal fillers can treat: Fine lines, Wrinkles, Skin folding, Thin lips, Marionette lines, Smile lines, Parentheses, Sunken cheeks, Sunken temples, Lip lines, Chin crease, & Asymmetry 

Am I a Candidate for Dermal Fillers?

If you have developed any of these conditions, then it is likely that you are a candidate for dermal filler treatment. Dermal fillers can be used on any adult skin type. There are very few conditions that could prevent you from being a good candidate for this procedure, but it is best to disclose as much medical history as possible to your medical professional to be safe.

How Should I Prepare for Dermal Filler Injections?

Since dermal fillers are a nonsurgical, minimally invasive procedure, there is not a ton of preparation you need to worry about. Do what you can to avoid excessive sun exposure and double-check that any skincare routines you have will not disrupt your results. It is also best to have a clear understanding of what dermal injections can accomplish so that you have realistic expectations regarding your outcomes.

What Should I Expect from a Dermal Filler Procedure?

The entire injection process can usually be completed within 30 minutes, but this time will vary based on the injections you are having and the extent of the correction you need. The procedure itself is relatively straightforward; one of our medical professionals will clean the injection site, inject the filler into your tissue and send you on your way. There is no need for anesthetic or numbing agents in the vast majority of cases.

What Should I Expect During Fillers Recovery?

Dermal fillers are considered by the medical community to be extremely safe. You can continue your usual routine immediately after the procedure, although we do recommend waiting a day or so before getting back to any highly strenuous activity. Most patients experience minor redness, bruising, swelling or discomfort at the injection site, but they usually resolve themselves within two days. Cold compresses can help alleviate these symptoms.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect from Fillers?

While one-off dermal filler procedures are not a permanent solution, they can last for several months, depending on the treatment and your body’s reaction to the ingredients in the fillers. However, with a proper aesthetic treatment plan, a regimen can be created to ensure that you are maintaining optimal results all the time. Each filler has different requirements, so it is best to speak to Drs. Crantford or Costa to get an idea of what your treatment plan will look like.

Can I Combine My Fillers with Other Procedures?

How Much Do Fillers Cost?

Dermal fillers can cost anywhere from $650 to $900 per syringe, depending on which injections you are having. Your cost will be highly dependent on your conditions and the extent of correction you would like performed. The best way to get a clear idea of what dermal filler treatment will cost is to schedule a consultation with Crantford | Costa Plastic Surgery.

Begin Your Filler Treatment in Charleston, South Carolina

If you are near the Charleston or Mount Pleasant areas, then Crantford | Costa Plastic Surgery is an easily accessible option to begin your filler treatment journey. Our entire team comprises highly trained and knowledgeable industry professionals who are excited to help you through the process. You can give us a call at (843) 722-5904 to schedule an appointment, or you can fill out our online contact form to have a team member call you as soon as possible.

Fillers are often combined with other surgical and nonsurgical procedures to create more drastic aesthetic improvement. Here are a few surgical procedures that are often coupled with dermal fillers:

Chin Surgery — Can couple well with facial fillers to create a more dramatic improvement to your facial appearance.
Eyelid Surgery — After creating more youthful eyes, tackling some of the remaining fine lines and wrinkles can bolster your improvements.
Facelift — Oftentimes, a facelift will be enough to meet your aesthetic goals, but combining it with dermal fillers means an even more youthful and natural appearance.
Rhinoplasty — The nose is a central point on the face; combining rhinoplasty with lip or chin injections can create a stark improvement to your facial contours.

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