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With a rhinoplasty (or “nose job”) at our Charleston, SC, plastic surgery practice, you can make your dream nose a reality. Whether you are looking to correct cosmetic concerns, improve your breathing, or repair an injury, our board-certified plastic surgeons can refine your nose’s form and function to leave you feeling confident and breathing freely.

On this page, you’ll find answers to the most common rhinoplasty questions, from how much the procedure costs to what the recovery process is really like.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

What Is Rhinoplasty?

One of the more common plastic surgery procedures, rhinoplasty is performed to reshape, reduce or augment a person’s nose, often by:

  • Removing a hump
  • Narrow nostril or nasal bridge width
  • Changing the angle between the nose and the mouth
  • Refining a drooping or bulbous tip
  • Correcting injury, congenital conditions, or other problems that affect breathing

Results depend on your nasal bone and cartilage structure, facial shape, skin thickness, and age.

How Much Does Rhinoplasty Cost in Charleston, SC?

At our plastic surgery practice, the cost of rhinoplasty varies from person to person depending on the complexity of the procedure, whether other procedures are included, and other factors. As part of the consultation process, we will provide you with a personalized pricing estimate.

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How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Nose Job?

You can have rhinoplasty done as soon as you are done growing and your features have finished developing. This usually happens during the teen years, often a bit earlier for girls than for boys.

How Is Rhinoplasty Performed?

Rhinoplasty is usually performed on an outpatient basis while you are under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia. Our surgeons use one of two techniques:

  • Closed rhinoplasty: Incisions are either made only within the nose, thus hiding scars after surgery.
  • Open rhinoplasty: An additional incision is made across the columella, the vertical strip of tissue separating the nostrils. This scar is small and hidden on the underside of the nose.

In both procedures, the skin is lifted and the bone and cartilage are sculpted to the desired shape and form.

What Happens During A Consultation

Because we want to create your ideal surgical results, the consultation is a critical part of the process. Your surgeon will walk you through your options and help you make choices that align with your anatomy and goals. This time will also be used to conduct a thorough medical history and address all your concerns and questions.

You will have another preoperative appointment closer to the date of your surgery. At this time, you will sign the consent forms, have photos and measurements taken, and receive detailed instructions for before and after surgery. Please adhere to these instructions closely as they are instrumental in ensuring your safety and comfort.

Can I Combine My Rhinoplasty With Other Procedures?

Yes, you can have other procedures done within the same surgery as your rhinoplasty. One of the most popular procedures to include is chin augmentation, which strengthens the chin via an implant to balance the harmony between the nose and chin.

Picture Your Results in 3D

At Crantford Costa Plastic Surgery, we offer the state-of-the-art VECTRA® XT 3D imaging system to capture face, breast, and body images to help simulate your surgical outcomes during your consultation.

What Is Rhinoplasty Recovery Like?

For a short time after surgery, you may experience puffiness, nose ache, a dull headache, some swelling and bruising, bleeding, or stuffiness. Most people feel like themselves within 2 days and return to work in about a week. Contact lenses can be worn immediately, but glasses will have to be taped to your forehead or propped on your cheeks for up to 6 weeks.

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How Long Does Swelling Last After Rhinoplasty?

Most swelling subsides within the first couple of months. However, some minor residual swelling may persist for 6 months to a year.

Is Rhinoplasty Covered By Insurance?

Insurance may partially cover rhinoplasty if it is done for reconstructive or medical reasons. Procedures performed solely for cosmetic purposes typically do not qualify for insurance coverage. However, you can still finance your procedure to break your total cost up into affordable monthly payments.

Rhinoplasty FAQs

Can I look at screens or TVs after eyelid surgery?

It is safe for you to look at screens, including phones, computers, and televisions, after your eyelid surgery. However, you should make every attempt to rest your eyes. Using a cold compress will aid with swelling.

When can I wear makeup after eyelid surgery?

It is advised to wait until your incisions are fully healed before you wear makeup again. This can range from 2-3 weeks depending on how quickly your body heals.

How long will I feel tightness in my eyes after blepharoplasty?

A sensation of tightness around the eyes after blepharoplasty can last from a few weeks to a month after surgery. You may experience some slight numbness which is normal.

When can I wear contact lenses again after blepharoplasty?

Expect to refrain for 1-2 weeks after. Your surgeon will be able to better advise you of a timeline during your follow-up appointments.

Are blepharoplasty results permanent?

Blepharoplasty results are very long-lasting, but they are not permanent. Eyelid surgery cannot stop the body’s natural aging process, so you can expect to notice sagging again after around 5-7 years.

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