Woman lying in bed with a cold before plastic surgery appointment

Preparing for surgery is an exciting time, but many things can happen in the days before your procedure. If you start to feel unwell before your plastic surgery here in Charleston, you may be worried about what to do. The good news is this: not all hope is lost, and postponing surgery depends on the severity of your illness and symptoms. A mild sore throat won’t usually require rescheduling, for example, but a fever or nausea poses a higher risk. If you find yourself feeling sick in the week prior to surgery, let our staff know as soon as possible. Together, we can evaluate your risk level and create the best plan for your health.

If you have any other pressing questions about your plastic surgery procedure, contact our staff by phone at (843) 722-5904. If you haven’t scheduled a procedure yet and want to talk about your aesthetic options with a plastic surgeon in Charleston, please request a consultation online.

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