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Choosing to undergo any plastic surgery is a major decision, and that’s especially true for a mommy makeover. Many of our Charleston patients are busy moms who need to juggle surgery plans with career and parenting needs. Some women worry that they won’t have time for plastic surgery, especially if they have young children at home. Good news: With the right preparation, you can definitely balance mommy makeover recovery while being a mom.

In this blog post, we’ll provide a list of tips to help moms prepare for surgery downtime. Having a good support system in place and being realistic about the recovery process allows you to enjoy your transformative results without undue stress.

Prepare Your Space

Surgery is very taxing on the body, so you’ll want to relax as much as possible after the procedure. Prepare your space ahead of time and tidy the areas you will be spending the most time in. You can gather books, tablets, and other devices so all your favorite entertainment is nearby. If you’re the main cook in your family, you can also schedule meal prep time to organize several meals ahead of time.

Prioritize Your Health

While a mommy makeover contours and tightens your figure, it is not a weight loss procedure. For the best possible results, you should be within 15 pounds of your goal weight before going under the knife. Being in overall good health will also reduce your risk of complications and help you bounce back from surgery more quickly. Follow a regular exercise routine and eat healthy, nutritious foods as much as possible, before and after your surgery.

Organize Childcare

If you are the primary childcare provider for your family, you will need a reliable plan before your mommy makeover. You won’t be able to lift your baby or toddler during recovery, so you may benefit from having extra help around the house. If you have school-aged children, you may also need to organize a carpool schedule with friends or neighbors. Arranging for your kids’ needs before your procedure helps you rest easy knowing your children are well taken care of.

Gather Support

Having a mommy makeover can be a draining experience, so don’t shy away from asking for help. Let your friends and family know you’ll be undergoing surgery and may need assistance, personally and around the house. As a mom, you might be used to making sacrifices for your family, but now is the perfect time to focus on yourself. Let your spouse and loved ones pitch in where they can to give you the time you need to rest and heal.

While preparing for surgery might feel like a daunting task, the results are certainly worth the effort. If you’re interested in learning more about mommy makeover surgery here in Charleston, SC, please request a consultation or call (843) 722-5904.

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